Practice Statements:

Full copies of statements available on request.

Health and Safety

The Directors of exedra accept Health, Safety and Welfare at work as their responsibility and believe them to be of equal importance to any other aspect of efficient, modern management It is the intention of the company to fulfil its statutory obligations and to do all within its power to prevent personal injury and maintain a healthy, safe place to work, as far as is reasonably practical, not only for employees but for all who could be affected by its operations and products. The office is constantly monitored for any risk or potential hazard that may be harmful to health. However, it is also the responsibility of every member of the company to be aware of these risks and report any concerns immediately to the Directors.


Exedra Architects produce a design risk assessment worksheet which identifies the risk. Produces a risk rating (likelihood against severity), then dependent on result applies risk control measures, which limit risk within acceptable measures.


Exedra Architects commitment extends to providing a high quality structured programme for all of staff training needs including CPD and beyond.


Exedra Architects involve and encourage all their staff and clients to consider the design and use of products with their effect on the current and future climatic ecology of the planet. Environmental solutions are investigated on all of the practice's projects, whether the client's brief requests an explicitly green building or not.

Quality Assurance

Being acutely aware of the significance of quality assurance and the implications of ISO 9000, Exedra Architects adopts its own in-house operational quality management procedures, which meet the requirement of the initiative. Involvement is maintained on each project at Director level and we always act in our Client's best interest to deliver a successful project on time and within budget.